BRAVA Plantstand Set of 3 Tall

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A hand laid ceramic tiled plant stands as a set of 3 at different heights.  They are sturdy enough to take a plant but can also be used as small side tables, or simply as a display of the 3.

The low plant stand is 50cm tall and 20cm diameter
The medium plant stand is 60cm tall and 25cm diameter
The tall plant stand is 70cm tall and 30cm diameter

In stock


Brava Plantstand Set Of 3 Tall

Handcrafted ceramic mosaic tiled plant stands supported by sturdy steel legs which are powder coated black for protecting from the elements. The top is smooth other than the grouting between the tiles which is slightly textured. A smooth steel rim surrounds the tabletop and is also powder coated a slightly glossy black. This hand crafted set of 3 tall round plant stands has a central star motif in its mosaic tops, made from a selection of light stone and slate coloured ceramic tiles with a fairly smooth finish. The steel edge, decorative scrolling and table legs have a slightly black glossed finish. Designed for use outside or in this set of 3 are at different heights and are sturdy enough to display a plant but can also be used as small side tables.

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Weight 8.5 kg
Table top size


Table top material

Table frame material

Parasol hole



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Ceramic tiles are durable but may chip or crack if heavy items are dropped on them. We suggest that place mats are used when you put very hot items on the table. Slight chips along cut tile edges should also be expected.

Items with ceramic tiles should be thoroughly dried and stored out of the weather for the winter, we do not guarantee them as frost proof.



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