Durango Fire Pit Patio Table

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The Durango Tall table (73cm) is a multi functional fire pit table that you can cook on, heat on and chill drinks in.  It is supplied with charcoal grid, stainless cooking grill, domed mesh lid and stone plate to cover the fire bowl when not in use.  Each table includes 2 stainless steel fire bowls, 1 can be used for heating and cooking, the other for chilling drinks.  The stone is predominantly slate  and it's earthy tones means it blends in nicely with the rest of the garden.

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Durango Tall Firepit table

This is the TALL Durango firepit, which is at a normal dining table height, if you would prefer a lower table for more casual dining and drinks please look at the “Durango low”.

The Durango can be used as either a firepit,  BBQ or drinks cooler.  The top is hand cut from riven stone and laid in mosaic style. It is supplied with 2 stainless steel bowls; use one for cooking or heating but if you want to use the table as an drinks cooler simply swap it for the clean bowl and fill with ice.  The table also boasts a removable stone plate that covers the bowl when not in use. It also comes with a small charcoal grid to sit in the bottom of the bowl and then a large cooking grill to sit above the charcoal. A large domed mesh cover can also be placed over the bowl to protect you from sparks if you’re using it as a firepit to keep you warm.  The table rim and legs are e-plated steel powder coated in a black finish.

Please be careful when using this table for heating or cooking at it will get hot! Please make sure children do not play nearby and are supervised at the table. Ash should be emptied from the bowl only once it has cooled.


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