25KG Sundial Concrete Parasol Base

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This parasol is made of concrete, finished in black and decorated with embossed sundial numerals. The 25KG base has reducing adapters for 35, 38 and 45mm

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25KG Sundial Concrete Parasol Base

Heavy concrete parasol base to keep you parasol securely in place, in windy conditions the parasol should be closed. The height of the base is 370mm, and it is 500mm in diameter. It comes with 3 adaptors to fit poles of 35mm, 38mm or 48mm, or with all adaptors removed it will accept a 58mm pole. The edge of the concrete base is protected with a plastic strip and so rather than trying to lift the base to move it, it can be rolled. The top of the base is embossed with sundial numerals.

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